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Action Plan International is a professional research & strategy company founded in October 2011 Driving Principles…

We understand that:
The art of STRATEGIC CONSULTING is using the most advanced global technologies power to reach your stakeholders
The science of INNOVATIVE RESEARCH & STRATEGY is insight to understand your stakeholders
through in-depth knowledge and real-world experience to aid decision making

Therefore we seek:
To supply businesses with suitable information & solutions to sustain the needs of the growing economies.
To provide strategic insights that is fit for purpose and what next

Everything you need to know about where marketing stands today and where it’s going tomorrow- we understand the changing marketing landscape.
Marketing mix must now include lifestyle and customer psychographics.



Action Plan International can help track brand perception, preference, imageries association & the extent of the dialogue between your brand and your target audience in the competitive space and provide validated input that drives immediate and long term brand strategy.

Action Plan International can help identify satisfaction & loyalty levels amongst your target audiences with a view to providing insights on how to better manage customers for retention and income.

Action Plan International can help provide deep dive details on the opportunity available across segment and how to optimise and leverage same to grow your brand assets

Our Vision

To attain world-class standards as an efficient, customer oriented, quality driven consultancy― the preferred consultant and the fulcrum for strategic business action-plans both locally & globally

Our Mission

To be a cost efficient consultancy and business partner who will supply your business with expected predictable, consistent and reliable insight that enhance productivity and efficiency― an imperative extension of your organization’s business planning and strategic think tank

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That the client is the focal point and all information must evolve around his needs hence our relationship with the client is one of partnership.

That professionalism is key and we must always provide the client with pertinent advice even at the expense of a job!

That we nurture an environment that embraces intellectual creativity so that we create a team of experts unrivalled by any other in the region.


We always bring our TAIT philosophy to bear:
T- Timeliness:.
We appreciate the time to market business decision making hence we push hard to meet clients’ deadlines.

A- Actionability:
we ensure that solutions that we provide always work because we are partners in progress with our clients

I- Insight:
From the solutions be it proposals, data and report findings, we distil critical market & consumer learnings that can be leveraged by client

T- Thoroughness:
Our insight generation from client’s brief to proposal, to data collection, analysis and reporting are handled with utmost diligence and detail


The team at Action Plan International consists of a crop of highly motivated and dedicated professionals led by a seasoned researcher & Strategist, Yemisi Faleye, who is one of the best in the industry.

We help our clients fulfull your dreams. We provide first class service for our clients…

Radio Today
A qualitative study on radio Listenership
A quest to unravel the whys of radio.
Media Surveys
Feasibilities Studies

Mystery Shopping – Visits & Calls
Exit Surveys
Brand Loyalty
Employee Satisfaction surveys
NPS Evaluation- Customer & Employee

Brand Health Tracker
Consumer Usage and Attitude Surveys
Advertising awareness/ Recall/ Impact
Advertising concept testing & screening
Corporate/Brand Image


Perception surveys
Corporate Image & Reputation studies
Media Content & Value analysis
Crisis Management

Market segmentation
Name Evaluation
Product/Service user profiling
Consumer Purchasing behaviour
Market Entry studies
Feasibility Studies

Pricing studies
Product Concept evaluation
Product testing
Packaging tests

We source, collate, analyze and interpret published / secondary data on any sector of interest to client for immediate business decision or to complement primary research

We deploy the following quality control procedures in all our jobs:
Comprehensive training, briefing, and piloting

All field interviewers must have a minimum qualification of National Diploma and speak at least one of the key local languages

Supervisors and team leaders must have a minimum of 5 years of leading/supervising field workers- Only supervisors with good records of integrity are used

A comprehensive supervisor and interviewer instructional manual is always prepared as reference document during field

The quality of our research process has come to be trusted by our clients especially our major clients

We ensure that each supervisor leads a maximum of 5 interviewers for easy control and effective monitoring.

The supervisor must randomly back check a minimum of 20% of the job of all his interviewers, while independent quality control officers back check a minimum of 15% of the total questionnaires completed for authenticity.

Personal involvement of Research Executives who monitor and visit study locations to oversee projects.

Thorough editing of completed questionnaires both in the field by supervisors and in the office by executives prior to coding and punching.

After data capture, the first set of data tables is edited by the project executive before final data tables are produced.

We also encourage client to accompany us to field or observe group discussions